Shakti Acupressure Ring
Shakti Acupressure Ring
Shakti Acupressure Ring

    Shakti Acupressure Ring

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    Meet your pocket-sized massage. The Shakti Acupressure Ring is a small tool with a big impact on busy, tired, or cold fingers. Roll the Ring up and down each finger 20 times to activate and restore. Don't be surprised if this becomes a Shakti-staple in your bag or on your desk!

     Relieves tension
     Assists healthy circulation
     Stimulates busy fingers
     Supports a restless mind

    How to use:

    Roll the Acupressure Ring up and down the length of each finger. Use it to massage your fingers once or twice a day for a few minutes or 20 times per finger. The rings expand to fit any size finger or thumb, ensuring just the right amount of pressure.

    What to expect:

    It doesn't take long to become a Shakti Ring convert! The pressure applied by the ring creates a warm feeling in your fingers that not only feels good but is incredibly calming. It's great in the colder months to support healthy circulation, or simply as a tool for busy fingers. Imagine a finger massage... It's surprising how much tension you hold in an often-neglected area of the body.


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