Rainbow Ring // Silver
Rainbow Ring // Silver
Rainbow Ring // Silver

    Rainbow Ring // Silver

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    Nature's greatest wonder...we will never not obsess over Rainbows.  Now we can wear them wherever we go.  

    * Recycled Stirling Silver

    * Signet Diameter: 16mm

    * Signet Depth: 3mm

    Sustainability: Recycled Silver Jewellery is made from Sterling Silver.  The only difference - the Silver used has been used before.  Recycled Silver is produced using unwanted jewellery, scrap silver, electronic and medical equipment.  Hobo and Hatch have chosen to use recycled silver because they want to source silver with a much lower environmental impact.  There is minimal impact on the environment as it won't be mined and less chemicals are used to process the silver!  Rest assured that quality is not compromised during this process. 

    Made in Nepal

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