Lemon Myrtle Bee Bomb Gift
Lemon Myrtle Bee Bomb Gift

    Lemon Myrtle Bee Bomb Gift

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    A beautifully presented gift - wrapped and ready-to-roll!  For the BFF, GF, BF, Wife, Husband, Daughter, Sister, Brother, Mother, Aunt, Grandfather, Teacher, Neighbour...or whoever you wish to spoil a little.

    • Featuring The Soap Bar's bestselling Lemon Myrtle Soap Bar - bright and effervescent to lift your spirits on a cloudy day.
    • Garden Bombs (for the bees) - a selective mix of approx. 15-20 gorgeous flowering or herbal varieties that are perfect to attract & support the bees that visit your garden. These beautiful self-seeding flowers & herbs are easy to grow & can handle all Australian climates.

    *NB Gift card not included, but would highly recommend - they're a delightful addition!

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