Flora Cider Aperitif Tonic
Flora Cider Aperitif Tonic

    Flora Cider Aperitif Tonic

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    A fresh spin on the classic dry aperitif. Truly functional, alcohol free and layered with fragrance, natural colour and a hint of bittersweet. 

    Curious and elegant, we recommend serving Flora Cider as a spritz, on chilled sparkling water, before or after meals or whenever you crave an uplifting digestive. 

    All herbs are infused for 6 to 12 months to make this slow extracted herbal elixir.

    What does it do?

    * Carminative herbs relieve bloating, cramping and stomach upsets.

    * Bitters stimulate bile flow, improve digestion and support liver function.

    * Demulcents soothe and heal inflammation. 

    * Plant enzymes from fresh papaya leaf and raw apple cider vinegar stimulate digestion and improve GORD.

    Made in Australia

    Ingredients: Raw apple cider vinegar with mother*, fresh papaya leaf, globe artichoke leaf*, marshmallow root, chamomile*, peppermint*, lemon grass*, lemon balm, vervain, raw local honey, inulin (Jerusalem artichoke), pea flower*, orange blossom water *denotes certified organic

    Shelf life: 12–24 months 

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