Bon Bons - Vivid Brights

    Bon Bons - Vivid Brights

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    Four Luxury bon bons, perfect to jazz up your party table. 

    Eco friendly, plastic free, recyclable crackers.

    In the early part of 1840 a confectioner started selling sweets wrapped as love tokens. One day while watching a crackling fire he had the idea of putting a friction snap into the crackers. Before long they became very popular at parties with the addition of hats and a small range of gifts. Today almost every household in Australia celebrates Christmas with a box of bon bons that are filled with festive jokes and unique gifts.


    • Handmade in Australia
    • Each cracker measures 34cm x 6cm
    • Gifts include: wooden honey drizzler, nutmeg grater, seed packets, metal brain teaser, washi tape, mini whisk, mini jar honey/jam, tea pyramid
    • Also inside is a paper crown, a joke and the snap.
    • Plastic free gifts and recyclable crackers (apart from the bows, great for crafting). The box is recyclable and doesn't have a plastic acetate window.

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